Wednesday, May 4, 2011

just 4 FUN

What do I think of my school, my teachers, my classmates and my dorm mates?

If you ask anyone in this world whether they like to be in school or not, I bet the most of them would say, “I hate school” or “School sucks!” or maybe “School what the heck is that!! Is it important?” and if you were ask me, I would say, “I will like my school if there were no stupid things that bothers me then I think it would be okay for me.”

What do I think of my school? So, if you ask me about my old school I would say it was superb but my new one is sucks. I hate all about it. It’s too big for small girl like me and it is far away from my home plus town. There is a small town but the town is just a boring old cowboy town called Pekan Bagan Datoh. There is nothing much in that town it just has a simple shop or we like to call it ‘Kedai Runcit’ and of course no supermarket likes Giant or Jaya Jusco. That is why I said SMS Bagan Datoh is totally sucks.

Now, let talk about my new friend there at SMS Bagan Datoh. Actually I got my best friend and a few friend from my old school so I am not really lonely to be in that school but the true is I do not like a few of my classmates. You want to know why? It’s because a few of them are totally over the top with the ‘mencapub’ things and it make me feel sick. Some of them are totally hypocrite, for example BADAR, prefects and even PRS. Sometimes they were misused the responsibilities that have been given to them and for me they are totally a loser.

My mom said it is a bad manner to talk crap things about your teacher. So, I am not going to talk bad thing about my teachers. I love my entire teachers. Especially, Mr. Shahrin because he use to give us a tons of homework plus an impossible dateline and of course Mr. Faris and Mr. Ardani too because they are so friendly and sporting with theirs students. You want to know something? The true is all students in SABDA use to call Mr. Mohammad Mokhtar our PK HEM, Mr. Momo. It’s a bit funny but cute nickname. Of course other teachers have theirs nicknames too but I want to keep it as a secret.

Next, let’s talk about my dorm mates. I have been place at dorm BP10 Turquoise. It is a wonderful dorm. Full with cherish people and wonderful one. It is lovely too be among them even though sometimes we have fight over something but still we live together in that dorm happily.

Live is full of surprises and sometimes it bad and sometimes it could good like what happen to me in SABDA. I have been seen a lot of people with different personality and did surprise me a lot because at my old school I could not find people like that. Even though I did say SABDA was sucks but I still have to be here one more year and I have to survive. I will face all my obstacles in SABDA until I get what I want. That is a promise that I make to myself if I want to study at SABDA.

p/s: ini adalah something yg sy tulis tyme f4..tengs 2 MR. SHAHRIN sbb bg homework ni :) <3

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